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When customers walk into the stores, the brand experience needs to be a memorable one!

Scent branding is a particularly new way to brand fashion retail stores and luxury innovative and creative realities.  The physical stores, from boutiques to department stores, from multi-brand stores to outlets, have been revolutionized by the internet, a place for definition out of time and space. So why keeping on investing in physical stores if the internet is taking up all the space?

Because we are human beings and the strongest and most authentic emotions are still felt in the physical universe.

  • Can you really have a relationship with someone you have never met?
  • Is it possible to feel close to a person without knowing him/her in real life?

Nothing can compete with the ALCHEMY of the real world!

In order to encourage clients, who are used to stay “behind their mobile phone displays”, more and more companies rely on experiential and multi-sensory marketing strategies to stimulate customers inside their stores, as ways to impact all of their five senses.

The quintessence of luxury seems to be combining the brand’s image, the custom signature scent diffused in the store and other in-store multi-sensory experiences.

_ “Scent Branding: a lasting bond with the customer that endures also beyond closed doors"


Scent Company creates the olfactory identity tailored to a wide range of retail segments including fashion luxury brands, concept stores, department and shopping stores, jewelry, technology, accessories, sporting goods, interior design, F&B.

The signature scent is diffused through professional scent diffusers in the  selected areas. The fragrance diffusers can have a remote control device and can be connected to the HVAC system, to scent the main areas of the stores or other strategic spaces.

The same scent can then be incorporated into a custom scented collection (rattan sticks diffusers, scented candles, room sprays, room & linen sprays, scented cards, eau de parfum and so on), and other scented marketing material. Some brands choose to create a range of different ambient fragrances that accompany the client, together with the basic signature scent, inside the store through a real olfactory scenography.

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