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We’ll make your building scent like luxury and  uniqueness

Fragrances have the instantaneous and invisible power to penetrate the consciousness of people and to reach them in ways that elude sight and sound, but conjure imagination. The language of scents acts on a less crowded channel - the emotional one - and therefore it is more receptive and immediate. 

For this reason, there is no better way than to welcome a potential buyer or a tenant of a luxury high-rise condo with a scent tailored to the place. A scent that recalls comfortable and welcoming places, able to bring back the memories of the warm family nest.

Enriching the atmosphere at the entrance of the building, the lobby, the common areas and the single apartments, the signature scent conveys a sense of luxury and comfort but also uniqueness.


Scent Company creates the olfactory identity tailored to the luxury high-rise buildings or condos. 

The signature scent is diffused through professional scent diffusers in the selected areas. The fragrance diffusers can have a remote control device and can be connected to the HVAC system, to scent the building lobby, the lifts areas, the single units or other strategic areas.

The same scent can then be incorporated into a custom scented collection (rattan sticks diffusers, scented candles, room sprays, room & linen sprays, scented cards, eau de parfum and so on), and a line of in-room amenities for the single apartments.

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